Mission Statement

George P. Chrousos, MD, ScD born in Patras, Greece, is a Greek-American pediatrician, endocrinologist, neurobiologist and one of the world's foremost medical clinical researchers. He serves as Professor of Pediatrics and Endocrinology Emeritus and at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens School of Medicine, Athens, Greece and as Director of University Research Institute of Maternal And Child Health & Precision Medicine. He currently also holds the UNESCO Chair on Adolescent Health Care. He is one of the 250 most cited scientists internationally (ISI highly cited), included not only in the list of Clinical Medicine, but also in that of Biology and Biochemistry, and is the highest cited clinical pediatrician or endocrinologist in the world.
Prof. Chrousos is intimately familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of both US and European biomedical science. He has an unwavering commitment to promote and nurture the international leadership and excellence of research in Developmental Biology, Human Growth and Development, Pediatrics, Reproductive Health, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Family and Disabilities Research.



As one of the leading scientists in the field of stress physiology Prof. Chrousos has made outstanding and broad contributions to Biomedical Research. His work has been a valuable tool for promoting the significance and clinical implications of this interdisciplinary research field.


Devoted to the integrative approach and thinking in medicine, Prof. Chrousos run one of the best endocrine training programs in the world and has received dozens of awards. Ηe has had numerous visiting professorships and given prestigious lectures throughout the world.


Prof. Chrousos has contributed immensely to the biomedical literature and his work has provided new insights into a spectrum of clinical conditions and disorders that transcend the limits of classical Endocrinology. He has written over 1000 scientific papers.


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The Academy of Athens elected as Regular Member George Chrousos

On February 21, 2024, the members of the Academy of Athens elected the Director of the U.R.I., Professor Emeritus George Chrousos, as their new member specializing in Endocrinology. This election, in addition to recognizing an outstanding international scientific career of the chosen one, full of awards and distinctions, also honors the U.R.I and set the stage for great collaborations between the Institute and the Academy of Athens in the future.

Chrousos named winner of Transatlantic Alliance Award


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2022 Delbert A. Fisher Research Scholarship Award

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